As Christmas approaches many businesses are preparing to close for a number of weeks over the holiday period so employees can spend time with their family and friends. Unfortunately this leaves their offices empty and at risk of burglars and crimes targeting unattended businesses. 

To help you ensure your office remains safe over the holiday period we have developed a short checklist for you to run through before you lock up for the summer break:

Check your windows

It may seem simple, but it is really easy to forget basic tasks such as ensuring the windows are closed and locked. With the warmer weather upon us, many people welcome the breeze into their office by opening the windows, so it is extremely important to do a double and triple check of each before leaving ahead of the Christmas break. Delegate this task to one or two people in your office to ensure it occurs. 

Active your alarms

Make sure all your security alarms are up-to-date ahead of the Christmas period and that they are activated by the final person leaving the office. Ensure this person knows the correct procedure for locking up and setting all the alarm systems ahead of time. 

It is also important to consider who will receive alerts should the alarm system go off. Discuss with your office who in the team lives locally, wont be travelling and could check on the office if need be. Alternatively, you can outsource this role to a security company to ensure that someone is available to check on the office should the alarm system go off. 

Light up the room 

A well-lit building is more likely to deter a potential burglar as unlit buildings are less likely to have people inside. If your business is going to be shut for an extended period over the Christmas break, we would recommend installing automatic lights that are timed to go on each day. They may mean a slightly higher electricity bill, but they could help deter a thief during what would normally be regular work hours.  

Service all safety systems

Make sure all your alarms have been checked, serviced, and work correctly ahead of leaving for the end of the year. This means making sure your intruder alarm has been tested and installed correctly, your fire alarm has been serviced and your CCTV footage is of good quality. Often businesses do not regularly check and update these systems so it is important to do an audit of these before the Christmas holidays begin. 

Each and every one of these steps will assist you in keeping your business safe this holiday season. For additional information or advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch.