When it comes to renting commercial spaces, no longer are businesses required to fit a ‘one stop shop’ mould. From traditional office cubicles to open plans and modern co-working, the possibilities are endless, with businesses picking and choosing their commercial space to suit employee needs. 

With the new year, comes the opportunity to reassess your work space – does your current office or warehouse increase creativity, boost employee morale and ensure productivity? Now more than ever, employees are choosing their workplace based on its design and wellbeing aspects so it is important to consider these when choosing your new commercial space. 

Our Sales & Leasing team has put together their top tips to determine the best commercial space for you:

1. Location, location
In a digitally connected world that allows thousands to work from home, the art of picking the optimum workplace location can be easily thrown to the side. However, staff, clients, trends and services must be taken into consideration. Whilst corporate service providers may find that 90%+ of their clients are based in the CBD, this will not be the case for all. When looking at location, consider how easily both staff and clients can access it. If both these boxes can be ticked, the location is looking good. In addition, neighbourhood security and amenities are also important in keeping stakeholders happy – ensure quality cafes & lunch spots available nearby. 

2. Price
The price of commercial space affects not only your business’ net income, but also the level of reserves it can manage. Is the new space something you could put three months’ pay down for? Look for hidden costs in car parks, maintenance and amenities, and be sure to cross check price comparisons within the area.

3. Client needs
Do you host a lot of meetings? Depending on your service offering or products, you may require a space with more meeting rooms or private offices. If the majority of your work is managed online, you could consider a more flexible office set up such as open plan or co-working to implement smoother internal communications.

4. Growth
Look at your commercial space with team growth in mind… You don’t want to have to completely relocate as your business starts growing. Ask yourself - will you have enough space to accommodate larger workshops and meetings? Will your warehouse be big enough to hold additional stock? Be careful not to invest in space that’s too large, but don’t be limited by a size you’ll immediately outgrow either. 

5. Style
A work space’s first impression can be seen as ‘automatic PR’ for guests and clients; a branding tool. What is it your team is selling or providing, and to what audience? Consider how a new commercial space will allow customisation and opportunities for you to showcase your business as a ‘brand’ on first impression.

For further information on how to find your optimum commercial space, or for any questions, please feel free to call our Sales & Leasing team: 03 9654 2311.