When it comes to maintaining and optimising your commercial property, an owners corporation (OC) can either be your best asset or your biggest downfall. The OC plays a vital role as a conduit between you and your tenant(s) and is responsible for the day-to-day management of your property.

An effective OC will ensure optimal maintenance of your asset at all times, navigate local council and regulatory compliance mandates and manage tenant communications, ultimately reducing your costs and maximising capital growth.

It’s essential you’re able to trust your OC to put your best interests first and act as your representation on the ground. We’ve shared our top tips below to help you identify what your OC can do for you.


1. Tenant communications
Whether it’s fielding complaints, communicating changes to the building tenants or negotiating lease agreements, your OC is the first point of call when it comes to tenant communications. They can speak on your behalf at tenant meetings and share vital information with you about your tenant’s expectations, requirements and/or behaviour.

2.  Maintenance and repair
The OC is responsible for maintaining all communal areas of your asset such as gardens, elevators, hallways, communal bathrooms, stairwells, etc. When this is done correctly and your asset is maintained regularly, it will save you money from repairs and profit loss caused by property damage.

When something does require repair, your OC will manage external contractors including payments, communications, logistics and more. This saves you precious time and also gives you peace of mind, knowing your OC is using reliable suppliers that have been vetted.

3. Record keeping
The OC keeps all integral information relating to your property on hand, in an organised and easily accessible manner. This includes all correspondence received and sent between you and your tenants, notices of OC and strata committee meetings, receipts, statements of deposits and withdrawals and a levy register.

These records will be kept for at least 7 years to ensure you can always access them if required for tax purposes or legal proceedings.

4. Staying compliant
Your OC will engage in proactive and reactive communications with the local council that your property sits to ensure any action required is done quickly and to legislative standards. They will also check that all facets of your property are in line with OHS standards, mitigating the risk of legal complaints and ensuring the safety of your tenants.

CVA’s owners corporation service will help you with all the above and much more - contact us on 03 9654 2311 to find out how.