Getting to the point, day by day.
30 years and counting.

We started our journey as CVA in May 1994. Beginning from where we did after the catastrophic property crash of 1987, we evolved, innovated and flourished into Melbourne’s leading independent agency.

We have endured and experienced the cyclical nature of the market, the digitalisation of our industry, volatile financial markets, and diverse global influences.

Throughout our journey we have diligently promoted our values to our colleagues, business partners and clients. Our values are what we believe makes us unique and is the catalyst that inspires CVA to be the best it can be.

The foundation of our business lies in our commitment to create worth. We share our combined decades of industry knowledge to empower our clients to make informed choices that add value and achieve success.

We now have a diverse vertically integrated property business that provides exceptional services that spans across the commercial property spectrum.

Most of all, we love calling Melbourne home, it’s an amazing place to live and work, and CVA prides itself on being a premium representation of this great city. We hold true to our values and strive to reflect our values in the workplace.

We would love to share our experiences and provide you with our intricate knowledge of Melbourne’s commercial property market.

Charles Cini