CVA is a dynamic team of real estate consultants with extensive knowledge of Melbourne's commercial and industrial property sectors.

Understanding what makes Melbourne, Melbourne.
That's the point.

Our dynamic team of real estate consultants have extensive knowledge of the Melbourne market and are dedicated to creating worth with effective marketing strategies that will maximise your results. Ensuring each is founded on detailed analysis of the property holdings and taking into account trends across the commercial and industrial property sectors.

Melbourne commercial real estate.
It's personal. And it's business.

We specialise in commercial owners corporation management. Using our expert skills to assist owners resolve technical matters and implement cost-saving procedures for each corporation, we oversee the management of office buildings, industrial business parks, shopping centres, medical centres, hospitality and accommodation.

There are many reasons to move to Melbourne.
This one is to bring your business.

Our highly experienced asset management team works hard to maximise the returns on all your investments by minimising operational costs. CVA’s services are focused on delivering enhanced asset performance through capital appreciation. Combining focused organisation skills, client contact and negotiation technique, we pride ourselves on retaining and growing our clients’ property portfolios over many years.

It's easy to belong in Melbourne.
And this is how you become a part of it.

Our knowledge in the development arena plays a fundamental role in creating substantial opportunities for our clients. We have intricate insight of the process required to deliver a successful project through all stages, from initial acquisition to design, planning, finance, construction, sales/marketing and ongoing facility management.

Through our extensive monitoring of enquiries, we can identify emerging trends and provide the developer with the necessary information to shape each project. And in doing so, we have established a reputation built on creating worth for our clients in the industry.