CVA is heading into its 28th year of representing our clients’ properties across all points of Melbourne, having started the journey back in May 1994. The team flourished, evolved, and innovated its way into becoming Melbourne’s leading independent commercial agency and now we’re expanding our reach even further.

Having a substantial presence in the western region, we’re proud to launch our new office to service all our clients from Sales & Leasing, Asset Management and Owners Corporation divisions in the western region of Melbourne. This is a testament to our team’s ability to carve out our footprint across Melbourne’s commercial market with the opening of this office solidifying our commitment to the commercial property sector in the western region.

“We’re excited to be placed right in the heart of where the action is. Our clients from our Sales & Leasing, Asset Management and Owners Corporation will have seamless access to our team. As Melbourne’s largest independent agency, we now hold a local position in the Western corridor, a feat we’re extremely proud of” said Director of Agency, John Nockles.

It’s the perfect time to begin the conversation around your commercial requirements now that the new year is underway, so take that first step to get the ball rolling and we can do the rest.

“The Western office has been a long time coming. Now that we’re here, I can describe it as a rejuvenated enthusiasm by being able to meet clients with ease and comfort, which enables myself and the team to provide the service our clients deserve,” said Leo Mancino, Director of the Western Region.

In addition to maintaining our head office position in Melbourne’s CBD, we also have plans to launch an eastern office in Bayswater in 2022, and a southern office in Highett in 2023. Expanding our presence to every point of Melbourne solidifies our impact in the market and creates further accessibility for our clients.